Why You Must Keep Going (and How)?

You really can keep going if don’t break the chain.

Aditya Dave
2 min readOct 8, 2020

We all have that weird spark in our brain, that I’m going to write a book. I’m going to start to excercise. I’m going to read few books this month, might as well through some articles-to-read in there too.

A week goes by and you’ve started to read 25 pages a day. Used the pomodoro method and wrote for 25 minutes and even started doing one set of push ups and squats.

You feel really great. You want to keep doing this but one morning your alarm doesn’t go off because your phone died in the night. You wake up late. You have to eat breakfast and also reach at school or job. You skip excercise.

You come home late. You sit down. Watch some TV and think of reading. Ending up procrastinating. You go to bed. Totally forgetting about the book that you started to write.

You get the rest.

Why did you not do the decided work?

They aren’t specific. If you go back and look at the goals stated, you will see that they are all desires. Just thoughts. They have to be defined.

The goals should be read 2 pages a day and increase a page a day. Or write 10 words a day. It should be specified.

The most basic way to mess up your goals is to create a goal that is too hard to reach. Yes it can be motivating to set high standards for yourself, but not when your ability doesn’t match the expectations.

You can’t write 2 articles a week when you can’t even get to one article per month. Likewise with every thing you do in life, you need to slowly build it. You need the endurance.

Takeaway (How)

That’s the point of this post. The grit to keep going only happens when you have two things;

  1. A well specified and achievable goal.
  2. Patience to build the habit from ground up. (Like a building with its tendons strong.)
  3. Keep on adding a little bit more (pages, words, reps) of the habit.
  4. Just don’t break the chain. Just don’t.