Create an Empire of Positivity Around You

Strategy to battle against Negative thoughts.

Aditya Dave
3 min readNov 23, 2020

Positivity is something that we need in abundance these days. Whether its for us, or for a friend or our family. We all need that mantle of hope and positive vibes around us.

But considering the current scenario, it is likely that we will have many, many overwhelming thoughts. Maybe it’s about your job that hangs in the balance, or the loan that needs to be repaid, or million other things.

First we need to dissect the thoughts a little further. The two kinds of thoughts that we face are; The ones that are about a controllable situation, and he ones that are not.

The events that just happen because of happenstance are out of your control. Their unpredictability is why you really shouldn’t delve too much into it.

If you know it was out of control, then the thought shouldn’t torment you so much. The fight against the thoughts that you know you can’t control is a fight you know you’re going to lose.

So, the only thoughts that can be tamed (or fought) are the ones that can be controlled in the first place. How, you ask?

Choose Your Battles

There may be past negative thoughts creeping up behind like a poisonous spider in the shower, but now that you have classified them as the one that you can control and the ones that you cannot, you can start to choose your battles wisely.

Note: Don’t go too hard too fast. take it slow, or you might get overwhelmed by the negative waves of thoughts.

Start Now

From the moment you read this, mentally declare that you are going to fight. not try, fight. Do or do not, there is no try. (Thanks, Yoda.)

If there are no past thoughts creeping up now, start to observe the positive things. They can be;

You woke up when you were supposed to.

You lifted the weights to a perfect ten reps.

Or, you opened the door for that old and wise lady.

Or one of the 100 positive things that happen in your day.

In short, you won a little as you experienced the joy of doing something.

Keep storing them

You got your straight A grades? Good. Store it.

You got accepted into college? Accepted for the job of your dreams? Great. Store it.

Someone asked you out? Awesome. Lock that away.

Keep these in your mind. Store them in the back. I repeat, In the BACK of your mind. If you keep it front and centre, you may start to fret too much over the little things. This isn’t a short-term-double-the-money-scheme, buddy!

Remember to Remember them

Now is the time to reep from the seeds that you’ve sown. Whenever a situation you can control arises with its pertaining negative thoughts, go inside the Empire of Positivity that you’ve built. Remember them. Remember to remember them.

This is a long game, in which you may see some good benefits in portions in the beginning.

Those small victories can build up into a behemoth of positivity. An Empire.

Then, it’s only about how much more you can store in the back of your head.


So, what do you do?

  1. Choose your battles.
  2. Start now.
  3. Keep storing them.
  4. Remember to remember them.

Remember, no one else can make you positive unless you want to. Look inside, that’s where the battle is fought.